Firewall With VPS

Finally my vps firewall is up and running for the past 2 day, so far everything seem ok, only my IPS proxy keep getting block because too many connection to my vps.

Whats the option for VPS ?

the first 2 option is quite common, thru google lots of related article can be found, the 3rd one is consider quite new and seem like you can’t really getting much info around. But option 3 is the one that i installed, because it integrated with cPanel, not only firewall, it advice you for some security issue , provide login failure daemon for keep track of login , auto upgrade feature and last there is logwatch feature included

One of the question raise before i get this setup, is CSF working on VPS ? some people say no problem, some people say no matter what they can’t get it up and running , but the answer is YES ! it can run on VPS , but you need to know what need to be done.

  • make sure your host compile the kernel with iptables module, contact your host about this
  • Monolithic Kernel set it to 1 ( Yes )
  • Eth Device in stead of normal eth0, for vps you must use venet0

Once this 3 is done, the csf should be up and running, the rest of firewall setting, what port to block have to depends on yourself. My only problem is the fwlogwatch which seem like not working , still trying to debug it

i think special thx to developer at ConfigServer for provide this nice piece of software for free,

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