Google Reader Revisit

6 month ago , when Google reader just release, i feel that i can’t really accept the interface , 6 month later google release the new interface and this time i would say it impress me. It comes just in time, i been thinking to changing from bloglines to any other web base rss reader.

the new Google Reader interface does look a bit similiar to bloglines, blog list on the left content on the right, but the right hand side it can be view in list mode ( something like your gmail list mode ) or expanded view . If you has been using gmail for sometime, it should be quite easy for you to master how to use Google Reader

New Google Reader

  • some user say importing of opml got problem , so far i imported 163 blog without any problem
  • some user having problem for reading chinese rss feed, so far all my chinese rss feed display without any problem
  • I m totally converted from bloglines to Google Reader

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