Writely Migration

I blog about Google Office time is coming around march, during that time Writely just become part of Google , after that writely has been quiet for a period, its stop for new user sign up too … until around august , the invitation is start again

Writely MigrationFew day ago, i getting email from writely ( i using hotmail to register during that time ) mention they will create a google account for me to for migration of my current account, since i have a google account already, this will just make duplicate account for me, so i send a ticket to ask for solution, i getting a reply next day mention there is solution for moving btw account .. and few more day later this feature is there ..

when you login your writely account, you can choose if you use other email with writely, you can just move all your document over and its not only limit to one way, you can move your document from other account also

2 way migration for writely

Its good to have both way migration , so here you go continue to merge my 2 account ..
Moving From Old Account - select documentMoving From Old Account

actually i don’t really use writely that often but after this incident, i m thinking to give it more try, this recall me during flickr and Yahoo account merge, why is it so many complaint ? maybe flickr on Google’s hand is better then on Yahoo ?

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