I feel like i tested Toodledo before, after i login the new register account, so i try to retrieve my password on my old email account, Bingo ! I believe in term on of interface design , i still have the same feeling like the first time i login , this has to be improve.

In term of Feature , i don’t deny that Toodledo have almost the best features of task management, compare with the rest and it seem like there are no other service like them having so complete features, but why it doesn’t seem like getting the same level attention

lets talk about the features on free account ( on pro account there are Stat and auto-scheduling which is interesting feature )

  • API open, thats why it got Google Gadgets and Firefox extension
  • Import support xml and Palm OS Data
  • Export include email,rss,xml,ical,mobile and Palm OS Data
  • Context idea, which let you change the task you are concern in different situation

but still what i can’t accept is the interface, if you don’t mind interface just want a powerful task management, this should be your choice, upgrade to a pro account with $14.95 only is quite worth it, don’t forget it have referral program .


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  • Pali Madra

    Toodledo is a great tool. However, I feel that the interface can be improved as right now it is very cluttered.

  • Knight

    Agreed , if they have more user friendly and web2.0 style interface, they might get more attention!

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