Hurray for Jaiku

i think this should be one of the hot topic this week, Google acquires Jaiku , in stead of twitter . I think there are lots of blog entry talking about this already, one of the main reason should be because Jaiku Mobile ( hints : Gphone ? )

When starting of micro blogging trends, this 2 are consider the leads of the trends, but i think Jaiku is a bit unlucky, didn’t getting as much hype as twitter . Jaiku is always my favourite , if compare to twitter . but when the people around you all is using twitter , you got not much choice.

Without social network, micro blogging is bored, one good example that i always remember is some people describe micro blogging is just like the status text that you set on your msn, to tell the rest of friend, what happen to you or what are you currently doing, but without friends that added your msn ( social network ) all those status is just meaningless.

By the way, currently Jaiku is working on the new backend ( link to google ? ) , you need invitation to register Jaiku , i still have 9 invitation, leave your email if you need one. My jaiku is , i built it when i blog about how to use Jaiku for lifestream

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