Dabbleboard – a simple collaboration white board

This might become my latest favourite service – Dabbleboard , a simple team collaboration white board that allow you to draw simple thing and collaboration with your team.

What this service provide is simple, line,free hand and text, if you using line , it will track the line you draw and generate the shape, when you select free hand then the generate shape feature will be disable. You can type some word once you click on any place of your drawing area, by combine text, line and free hand, you can draft out you idea easily.There is grid feature and allow to snap on grid, this to make sure the line that you are draw will be stay properly on the grid, it is good for you to position your shape.

Other then simple to draw, the sharing/collaboration feature is another killer point, i tested by open 2 browser and the delay is minimum, Once i change the shape on my safari, within 2 sec the same thing has change on my firefox. Without register you can just copy the address and share it with your friend to do some ad-hoc drawing.


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