What reQall need to improve

I m going to using reQall for the next few week,i think i will write a proper review after that, but first i think there are some thing i wish them to improve.

  • firefox addon – it’s wired that the button to add a site into reQall on status bar, the button should be somewhere within the reQall toolbar
  • core – adding new section call links , i think links should be another major category other then note and todo
  • contact – using plaxo API might not be a good idea ?
  • IM – please adding MSN provider
  • IM – the command seem a bit complicated, maybe a more straightforward method will be better
  • Photo – please added flickr service support.

the iphone application looks cool, too bad i m using the ipod touch, cannot test the voice record feature,anyway this might be replace rememberthemilk as my gtd tools, let me fully using this for the next few week and compare with rememberthemilk.

Quote from reQall

reQall is designed to help you remember all the important things in your life

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