Take A Look Social Bookmark Review

I just saw this review from my feed, which i think its worth a read and i really respect the author to note down such a detail report .. hhhmmm not really a review, but a more like a breakdown of feature about all kind of social bookmark service.

  • If you havent start using any social bookmark but wish to pick up one , you should read this
  • if you using an social bookmark service already but not really happy with it, you should read this
  • if you using an social bookmark service already and happy with it, you should read this too, to find out what you miss

Ya, you should read roxomatic – social bookmark review 3.5 , from the end result it seem like del.icio.us win the social part, but spurl win the feature part , yup i using del.icio.us but it seem down while i blogging about this …

p/s sometime i m a bit sick to see this , which make me don’t feel like using this tools at all

p/s 2 after this post i login my spurl account ( which register long time ago for a wordpress plugin developemnt ) and i saw this, it seem like spurl and delicious can work togeher.

Thereafter, every page you "spurl" will be added to your del.icio.us account as well. Spurl categories will be used as "tags" on del.icio.us spurl, descriptions as "extended".

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