Social Money Started

i believe that this term start appear after this 2 web application started, an web application which combine of social feature and money related issue. We have BillMonk and IOWEYOU .

What BillMonk allow you to do is, by using email or cell phone as identify , you can start some personal finiance related service, like

  • share payment – which allow you to list out all the member which shoulds share the payment and inform them
  • IOU – which allow you to list down how much you owe people or people owe you

One of the worth mentioning feature is the tie the phone with account feature, so that quite a few feature you can actually run through the sms service, but currently is only for US major carriers.

Bill Monk

On the other hand IOWEYOU is trying to focus on group, which allow you to have a better organize of the people around you, you might have group for friend, group for family or even group for flatmate. All the Expense and Settlement can be done easily among the group member, some basic admin feature for the group are also available, like remove the member from the group or send them email to warn them paid the expense.



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