30 boxes make one good calendar

I thought that i will give up on calendar service or just wait for netvibes to create a calendar module, thats because after give it a try on calendarhub, planzo, hipcal, kiko, its either not what i want or its too complex compare to what i want.
i heard about 30boxes before it launch the beta, lots of insider tester mention that this would be the new calendar service killer, so i fire up the site and leave my email there for waiting the beta invitation, this morning after i get the email invitation and faster my account register first, a bit worry because if the site been digg or slashdot then i might just miss the chance to try it.

i must say i start addict on 30boxes , other then the common feature of most web2.0 service, tag , ajax , social , there are some feature which i quite like it

  • a full page calendar as your entry page
  • allow to add webstuff ,include rss feed,flickr, upcoming this allow you to see all these feed on your calendar
  • allow to change themes, heard that soon will open up for your own theme
  • adding event is super easy
  • provided few way to output the calendar, include ical format , javascript or csv

too bad i can’t really use the Mozilla sun bird to edit my calendar , lets hope that some improvement on this part will be done soon

30 boxes

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