Gather Your Comment

How do you keep track of the comment that you leave at other people blog? i use to to post all the comment that i make to my delicious page, with a special tag, so that when i want track all the comment , i just check on that particular tag.

So cocomment is actually here to save the day, the 3 main feature of this service solve quite a lot of problem

  • capture – it allow to capture all the comment you make on blog, and arrange as a conversation on your cocomment page, so anytime if you want to check any respond to your comment, just login and check
  • share – you allow to put a blog box on your own blog, so that visitor actually know that what you comment on other blog
  • alert – rss feed for each conversation, imagine you can either use your rss reader , use your start page or use your email to keep track, in stead of always need to visit that particular for the reply

a few thing that i wish the dev team will actually include, more blog platform support, able to differentship trackback , can’t find basic function like delete , tag support ?

Update: cocomment currently support,Msn Space,Typepad,Wordpress and Xanga, Laurent provided some cocomment invitation code, grab one now and leave a msg which one you took.

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