WebNotes goes Pro

I blog about annotate the web – webnotes sometime ago and giving out beta invite. I just find out this on twitter yesterday, webnotes is official launch and release their pro account.

What are the selling point on their pro account ? annotate the PDF


if you ask me , i can’t really think of any web2.0 company that is famous in this area, mabye these guy really hit a sweet spot ? after i give it a try on this annotate pdf feature, it is not much different from the annorate the web site, you just highlight with different color and this can be organize and show in the report.


so how much does it cost for a pro acount ?  is $10 ( ok $9.99) each month to allow you webnotes account with pdf annotation feature, there are 50% discount for student currecntly, i wonder will this 50% apply to beta user too ?

p/s I just find out there are 50% discount apply for beta user too , great work webnotes.

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