Complete Google Calendar with Task

If you using google calendar as your main calendar service, now you should feel more complete with the new Task feature . I believe that a lot of google calendar user wish that google calendar come with some todo service. There are quite a few of todo/GTD service that work with google calendar too , but we just want something from google.

so this is the answer from Google, Task !


after playing this task feature for a while , these are some of my opinion.

  • swap betweet task list is difficult , it should be more user friendly
  • create task limited by task list that you are currently in, you can’t view the task list A but create a task for task list B at the same time
  • the indent/unindent feature seem like a bit buggy, some time it doesn’t respond at all
  • no matter how many task list you have, all tie to 1 task calendar
  • date field is not text base, i prefer something like remember the milk where i can just input “next week” and it auto translate into proper date

share with me if this Task feature able to fit in your work flow.

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