My rant on Facebook application about page update

There are quite a few news about the Facebook applications recently , other then new application directory release and first verified applications announced , what i want to talk about is the application about page updated.

Just some background update , if you create an application in Facebook, it will auto create an about page for your application, this act like a fan page for your application where you can discuss,review or comment about application, this look ok during the old time before fan page upgrade to public profile.

During March Facebook upgrade the fan page to the new publci profile with tons of new features , but leave out the upgrade for application about page, it makes about page looks useless and meaningless compare to the new shiny Public Profile( it change the name from fan page to public profile) , i even try to ask in forum before , but didn’t getting any answer when will the about page getting upgrade ?

You might ask why is this upgrade important ? the answer is simple “Facebook Connect”. when you create Facebook connect for a web site , you need to create an application in Facebook and the old about page doesn’t really looks good, as another entry for your application or as another content distrubute for your website that connect through Facebook , public profile seem like a better choice. So you got 2 option

  1. Create another Public Profile to represent your website in Facebook and hide your Facebook Connect application about page.
  2. Using your Facebook Connect application about page and wait for the upgrade.

I can only select option 1 , since i need to launch both Facebook Connect and Facebook Fan Page together. After 1 week the project launch, Facebook launch the upgrade for application about page, sigh. I really wish that Facebook giving option for you to select a public profile to link with your application, this going to help a lot of early adopters.

side node : currently i m using the facebook connect apps to update status to the fan page, doing feed story is still ok, if you doing status update, it will show “via [application about page]” … now you see the problem ?

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