How many twitter account you have ?

I believe most of the user having just 1 account, but i think you can actually have multi twitter account for different purpose, in stead of dump everything in 1 twitter acount.

  1. The main – for you to social, micro blogging , using like IM , which most of the user using in this way
  2. one account is using for keep track of announcement/alert, you want to have an account just to keep track some important thing, example  slicehost use twitter to make announcement , you can know that what happen if you can’t connect to your vps, macheist is using twitter to inform user the next mission started, there is macworld twitter that share with us when macbook air is announce.
  3. one account to integrate with some of your exisiting web2.0 service, example using twitter i can GTD with rememberthemilk or using it with 30boxes
  4. one account to keep track of blog update, some of the blogger like to mention in their twitter, they just done a new blog spot.
  5. one account for you talk with local topic by using placeshout?

this post is inspired by my virtual friend which recently release

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