How to fix sharing Facebook video error ?

I been having this video problem for the past few week, I work on a new website which have some interesting video, I need to make sure the Facebook video sharing work, it should allow users to share the interesting video on our site to Facebook directly,  the video have to play within Facebook for the viral purpose.

What is Sharing Facebook Video?

It means that share the video which host on your site to Facebook and allow Facebook user to video the video without leaving Facebook,this is done by one button click or bookmarklet , which is more convenient compare to upload video to Facebook, but take note that it will consume your site bandwidth.

How to Share Video ?

So how to share the video on Facebook ? first you need to specify meta tag , what these meta tag do is to send info to Facebook, the detail of content that going to share, include content type , content height and width ( for video ) , content thumbnail ( for showing a nice image beside the sharing content ).

Once all these meta in place , by right the video that you share on Facebook will be able to play already , but this is the problem what I try to resolved for the past few week, everything looks ok but the video just won’t play on Facebook, turn firebug on and you will see the FLV file is actually loading but it just won’t display the video on Facebook.

How to solve this ?

After some massive testing, I just find out that the solution is very simple, contact Facebook team, send them this Video Embed Whitelist Request , although the auto reply email mention it will respond within one week after you send in the request form, but I actually getting the reply from Facebook on next day and mention that the request has been approve.Once your site has been Whitelisted, your video will be playing without any problem.

Some other common mistake

  • mix up between <meta> and <link>, some of the info you need to use< meta> tag and some of these info is using <link>.
  • no full path playlist included, which prevent video to load the video properly.
  • the video file embed format should be swf, you can point to your swf video player which load a flv video.
  • the orders of <meta> and <link> tag, this seem like affect how the data display when sharing too.

Do you facing any other problem when you try to share your video on Facebook ?

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