Linode with extra RAM now

I mention before after leaving share hosting, this blog is hosted on Linode VPS . Today is a special day for Linode because  they turns 7 and giving out one big present – extra ram upgrade for all the linode user .

So what happen is Linode update their product line today, their entry level VPS now is starting from 512MB in stead of 360MB, which mean now you can get a 512MB unmanaged VPS for $19.95 ! This deal is not coming from some oversell VPS provider, you actually get a XEN VPS 512MB for just $19.95 plus you getting some great support from Linode and developer focus community.

Personally I feel that Linode is doing a great  job this time, if they can handle the mass request from the market and getting everything under control, this might be really bring in tons of reputation and customer for them.But other this, maybe Linode should start to work with some other Partner to provide more VPS or developer related service ? example like , they been work with some partner and provide free control panel and code hosting account.

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