Goodbye Webfaction

I have just terminate my Webfaction account few day ago, I think they are still one of the best share hosting for developer and user which can live without those fancy control panel. I had spend my last 10 month with them , I would still recommend them if you asking for share hosting recommendation.

Since they are so great , why am I leaving ?

  • My pingdom monitor did report some short down time which i believe it happen due to memory issue, this blog seem like consume quite a lot of memory.
  • I always want to get my hand dirty on VPS.
  • I going to spend more $$ on VPS , cancel this account can reduce my hosting spending.

Now this blog is live on Linode VPS and it seem like it using less memory and having better performance, but the first few day of the server configuration nearly knock me down, I almost want to move back to Webfaction at some point in time, in the end i manage to resolve the memory issue.

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