Feedback through twitter 3

It seem like these “feedback through twitter” has become a series , maybe because i m more active on twitter these day.

So what happen is 2 day ago, i been annoy by evernote blog feed, i m not sure why their user comments will show in my google reader, each comment = one new thing for me to read in google reader, so what i do is unsubscribe it on the spot and i tell myself which blog is doing the same thing , i will just remove it.

I use to be media temple customer for sometime, althought i m not longer using Grid Server, it is good to subscribe media temple blog , in order to follow what are the latest product they release but their blog feed is actually combine with their system Incidents log, so my google reader is flood with these log ( ok , not really flood but is around 4~5 if i not wrong ), as usual i just tweet my mood on my twitter.


hmmm seem like i wrote it on damn angry mode, i never aspect any reply but suprize me , media temple send me a direct message.


That’s cool, i believe is some sort of marketing , reply me in direct message so that the rest of user won’t follow this reply and see what i tweet , but they can just totally ignore my rant but they actually send me a message to tell that they are working on a solution and thanks for my feed.Kudos to support team that under media temple twitter account.

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