My Facebook Messages Upgrade

I just get upgraded to next generation messaging system , the new Facebook Messages , let me share the upgrade process.

First you will be getting an upgrade screen, the process started by clicking on the upgrade button.

Facebook will ask you claim your Facebook Email, it will use your profile name as the email, since my profile is , my Facebook Email will be, pretty straight forward, I wonder those Facebook user that having funny profile name how ? will there be any option allow them to change ?

Once the Facebook Email account is activate , emails/message from your Facebook friend will go Messages folder, the rest who are not your friend in Facebook will be go into other folder.The other folder is consist of all the Fan page update too.

As you can see , I did some testing from my Gmail account, forwarded email, just reply and reply with messages , it display in 3 different format on the Facebook Messages Inbox. Subject will be only display if is a forwarded email.

This will be how the html email showing , when you click on the show Hidden Text, it seem like most of the html style has been strip off.

if you would like to get your Facebook email activate as soon as possible , opt in on the Facebook Messages page.

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