Feedback through twitter

A few day ago, i was just rant on Netvibes service, my problem is on my Netvibes, i have some of the feeds that i don’t want to subscribe in my google reader, i want these feed display on Netvibes only, i read it when i free and don’t want to keep follow in my google reader, but the problem is the feeds that i mark as read often become unread again, which some time is quite confuse do i read it or not.

so i rant about this on my twitter.


Today i saw there are new reply to my twitter


i m really impress, i never thought that netvibes will actually keep track of tweet about their own brand in twitter.Firstly i didn’t follow netvibes_help twitter, second is not easy to spot some one tweet just like that, did a search on people that talk about netvibes on twitter search and you know what i mean , so to show my support, i going to follow @netvibes. Good Job , Netvibes.

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