Tweets to Facebook Public Profile

Since facebook redesign their fan page become the new public profile , we see lots of buzz around this public profile concept. At the same timethere are some API changes and  the new option – who can use your application ? user or facebook page.

Since application now can be add by public profile, a lot of social media expert/user/wannabe raise a new question , how do i import my tweets to my public profile ? the official twitter application in facebook work great for personal profile but it doesn’t seem like working properly for facebook profile. Another important thing is the current twitter application for facebook will sync all your tweets to facebook , i doubt so lots of people wanna do that,  that’s why i m highly recommend this application  – Selective Twitter Status.

What this application does is , any of your tweets that end with #fb will be show in your personal / public profile , i believe it make use of the twitter search feature to do this.


Give it a try today, if you are looking for a solution to send some of your tweets to facebook public profile directly, other then this another way to play with this, which is make use of twitter feed, with added #fb end of your tweets, sync your feed to twitter and tweet it to facebook public profile, so that your public profile will tell your facen, every time when your have a new blog post done.

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