My Top 5 ipod touch apps

I been thinking to blog about apps that in my ipod touch for quite some time, if you see a nerd every morning playing with his ipod touch from Boon Lay all the way to Sommerset , that fellow most likely is me. So what are the top 5 apps in my ipod touch which accompany me for my lonely journey every morning ?
1. Byline – a google reader sync rss reader, this allow me to finish reading my rss on time everyday, i hate the morning when this apps stop working ( it does  sometime when sync over too many feed )


2. Calendar – i sync my google reader to my ical and everyday i sync this to my ipod touch, i m able to check my schedule/reminder every morning.


3. Evernote – the ultimate note taking application that available cross platform, i use this to drop down some blog idea some time.


4. Instapaper – One of the best reading application, it will capture a web page and format it in text only, allow you to concentrate read the content.


5. Remember The milk – my todo list application , allow me create and check my task on the go.


as you can see , all my application have one common feature, it allow to sync, this is because ipod touch don’t have 3G connection, it can only use WIFI, normally i will sync everything in the morning before i leave my place.I m looking for twitter application that allow to sync my favourite tweets too, let me know if you happen to know one.These are my top 5 apps in my ipod touch, what about yours ?

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