Tips for Mac Boot Campers

Just now i was having some situation when helping my gal configure her macbook and even need to reinstall the mac osx , which i never done it on my imac before, just some of tricks that i learn druing the macbook rescue process.

  • When you select partition to install windows xp through the bootcamp, just select C drive and install will do, ignore the rest. ( i was accidenyly remove the mac booting partition and cause the mac unable to boot into system)
  • When you can’t load in your Mac and there are cd stuck inside, just hold the mouse button when you start the machine, it will eject the cd out.
  • When you thinking of reinstall the Mac through the installation DVD, don’t forget to press “C” when you start the machine, this will force it boot from the drive.
  • after you boot into the installation interface, there are disk utility that allow you to fix your partition.
  • If your partition is quite messy , just remove all the partition and create the new one and the new partition should be in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format.
  • Once your windows installation is done, put int the Mac OS installation CD again , this will allow you to install windows driver.

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