Question about Facebook recent growth

i saw the post that talking about Facebook Apps Contribute 37% of Recent Growth  , i wonder is this 37% of growth is  more like quantity growth  or quality growth ?

Quantity Growth – just increase lots of dummy account for using the apps or to test some new apps ?

Quality Growth – getting those addict user that report to facebook daily or simply facebook become their second life ?

why this question is pop up simply because a good example – warbook , one of the popular games in facebook ( imagine a lite version of Utopia ) , base on my understand in this game , some of the user actually create multple facebook acccount, so that they can have multiple hero in the game which work together, this seem like bring in a lot of traffic , but it only looks good on number. Since the purpose is just for the games, is more like a dummy account.

I wonder is this kind of growth really consider “Growth” ?

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