My First SWUG Meetup

I just attended Singapore WordPress User Group (SWUG) Meetup yesterday , it is my first time  to WordPress related event in Singapore but  it is the 4th SWUG Meetup, I have miss up the first 3 meetup last year.

I m really surprise to see very little of users turn up , because when I attend WordCamp Malaysia last year, it was a paid event , but I saw tons of WordPress users attend. Base on my understand from the SWUG member , it seem like WordPress is more popular among country like Indonesia and Malaysia , but not so much in Singapore.

So hows the meetup ? I will say content wise is ok but I expect more , there is section about theme option which is geek enough but I guess it will be quite boring for normal user , is a meaningless for developer too since we all know about these thing. The plugin sharing session is good, which allow everyone to share about good plugin.

So my suggestion for SWUG is in term of geeky topic, maybe we should focus on the usage/ how to series/sharing info , this allow normal user to understand more about WordPress.

  • Plugin Sharing Session – We have started this yesterday and this should continue on the next meetup.
  • Theme Sharing Session – We can share about some of the interesting theme feature, what are the theme club is having discount or what are the new theme in town.
  • WordPress use case – Showcase of different usage of WordPress  ? example like some user use it as project management, some user use it as job board etc.
  • How To series – Sharing the info on how to customize WordPress, example how to show static page rather than blog post listing page.

There are 2 things about myself I have take note , I need to draft a quick pinch about myself and practice more often , my self intro is quite bad yesterday and I should have my personal name card. Last but not least  finally I meet @gamerz in person after follow his tweet for some time.

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