Super Happy Dev House SG

I attended the Super Happy Dev House SG (#shdhsg) on saturday, this is my first time to attend a hackfest event, I didn’t plan any project before that but I do prepare my phpfog account , just in case I have some ideas to build on the day.

I mention about 5 important things for a geek event and I think Super Happy Dev House SG is really doing a great job , there are free flow of coffee, red bull and beer , the dinner is yummy buffet style, the wi-fi is very smooth although so many people is there to use it.One of the things need to improve might be the music , personally I feel is too loud , this is kind of distracting when you trying to concentrate to code. Another thing is during lightning talk , my sitting area are so noisy , can’t really hear clearly the presenter, I would say there are some interesting project and too bad I didn’t stay overnight , it seem like the next day morning lightning talk are some of the better projects.

There are different people attend this event for different purpose , developer is there to hack something, there are people there to look for developer too , there are people for networking too. For me , at least i know a few more developer @meaningful , @shiawuen & @wizztjh , the funny part is all of them are Rails Developer  and I m the only one PHP Developer .Another interesting person I meet is @kamal , ruby consultant that come from KL which preparing a co-working place in Kl, maybe I should visit his co-working place when it open.

So what have I did at the Super Happy Dev House SG ? I just spend my time  on the Instagram API , at least I finally understand how the oauth work and manage to pull #shdhsg tagged photos.

Let’s see if I can have some inspiration to complete this for the next few day.

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