Google DevFest Singapore 2010

I just attend my first Google event last friday , the Google DevFest Singapore. This is my second geek event this year , I am looking forward for this , I will blog about the different between this 2 geek event on my next post, this post will be just summarize the DevFest only.

The event kick start with Google Maps API by Daniels Lee , the poor guy was coughing during the presentation.

After Google Maps API presentation and 10 min break , the next HTML5 presentation done by Jeremy Orlow.

Interesting HTML5 presentation end with no FAQ session due to time constraint, follow up is a 2-Person presentation by Timothy Jordan (@timothyjordan) and Bob Aman (@sporkmonger) on Google Buzz API.

  • Google Buzz API Presentation – not just about Google Buzz , Timothy actually talk about how the social work , oauth and activity streams too.

After the buzz buzz , lunch time started with some boring lunch box, there is this guy approach me when I queue up for Starbuck, we just have a short chat on what we think about the event so far, but I m a bit shy on these kind of social thing , after my coffee ready and I just make a move first, sorry pal.

The presentation continue once every one come back from back from lunch, it start with Jeremy Orlow again on Google Chrome Developer Tools, I would say this is really an eye opener and I really understand why firebug never migrate over to Chrome, because Chrome itself already contain a very powerful debugging tools , the only thing I wish will be edit the style sheet and you can see it on the fly ( now every changes you need to enter ). I can’t really find the presentation for this but I think the pdf on Google IO is quite good enough

Patrick Chanezon (@chanezon) is the last presenter, He cover lot of topics in his presentation which share on slideshare. These are the topics which cover by Patrick.

  • Google Apps – the one allow you use Gmail and other google service for your own domain.
  • Google Apps Marketplace – a market place that allow developer selling their application/service that tie to Google service

2 company pitched when Patrick talking about Google Apps Marketplace.

Patrick continue his presentation on some other new Google product.

The last part of the day is the Code Lab session

This pretty much include all the links for devfest and there is this last link, @stephliu is asking for feedback for Google Devfest SG , please provide them feedback to improve the next event. Please leave a comment if I miss out any links.

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