My Barcampsg6 Experience

I just went to barcampSG during saturday at National Art Gallery, Singapore and due to some personal reason, I only manage to attend the first day , let me just share some of session that I attend on first day.

The first session i attend is about human computation presented by @mingfeiy , she share about the info of CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA and how these mechanism actually can help some of the OCR problem and how ESP game actually help for image recognition.

After that follow by an iPhone apps – SG Polls demo done by the buUuk team. The buUuk team actually explain how they build SG Polls and share the difficulty they are facing for SG Polls , one of the interesting is the presenter’s iPhone will alert with different animal sounds when different client downloaded the SG Polls .

There are another one or two session in between that I think is a bit bore, so I just skip it and go for lunch.

After I come back from lunch , I have an interesting usability session from @navjotpawera , he share some of the tools and interesting quotes like

  • Features are like having sex. Make one mistake and you’ll have to support it for the rest of your life.
  • Design is not how it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.
  • Listen to your user. They’ve only got you. Until they found someone else.

which I think these quotes does mean it when it come to usability.

I end the first day with the last session by @Yuhui on “Online sex scene in Singapore!” , I really salute him for touching on this topic , some of the info sharing which include pricing comparison and  what are some of the short form means. The best part is he is alert when there are some kids open the door .

Anyway I kind of like session talk like this, but some time it seem like you have to just bet on it , the topic might be sound interesting but the speaker are not or some time the topic seem boring yet  the speaker is really good, anyway let’s hope I will be dare to talk about something during the next barcamp ?

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