Instagram is camera app with social feature

It seem like Instagram is all over the internet for today , althought I don’t really have a good experience with it, even though I like the application concept.

So what is Instagram ?

  • It is a iphone camera apps that allow you take take picture and adding some effect on your photos ( ex lomo style )
  • You can upload to your Instagram account while cross publishing to different social platform example such as twitter, facebook, tumblr etc.
  • Last but not least, there are some basic social feature on each Instagram account which allow you to follow other Instagram user

No good experience ? Yup so far I like the apps idea, but I m having lots of problem with it.

  • I have register an account, but every time i start the apps , it ask me to login again, once i enter my username and password, it just go back to login page again
  • I only manage to upload 1 photo, my second photo was stuck and keep on retry but failture.
  • Most of the pages are keep loading / blank, this happen on my popular tab and news tab.
  • I auth my facebook and twitter while posting my first image , but when i try the to post 2nd image, it looks like i need to auth again.

I guess once these issues has been iron up, it should be something interesting. You can check out  my first Instagram is here .

Update : currently it seem like all singtel user cannot login the apps properly, you can try to use Wifi but if you are on singnet also, then bad luck.

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