Build habit through Lift

One of the service that I pick up this year is Lift , most of the time I m using the mobile app.

So what does Lift do ? it help you to build habit through a few way , remind you when time to do , getting peer support to form a habit, discussion how to maintain the habit etc. Why build the habit ? so that you can reach your goals.

Just like I mention on annual resolutions post, sometime it is best that you setup habit in order to help you achieve your resolutions. You want to slim down ? try to have the exercise habit , you want to be the morning person ? try to build the wake up on the dot habit , you want to be healthy , start the eat healthy habit.

So what habit I have built for the past few month ?

  • Jan – I been wake up late last year , so I start to force myself wake up 7am daily.
  • Feb – one step further, now I wake up 6:30am and 2L water per day
  • Mar – still work in progress but I want to blog more.

In stead of setup some goal and busy with it at the end of year , why not build up habits to achieve it.

liftdo1 liftdo2

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