Beluga vs GroupMe on App Store

This is not a feature compare post , I just want to share something I observed on App Store between this latest/hot group messaging apps.

We all know that  one of the hot topic during SXSW is about group messaging and base on the hype we see through Twitter / Facebook / Blogs that GroupMe and Beluga is the top in this group messaging category.

I saw Mashable’s Post this morning and thinking to download both and give it a try, I fire up my iTune and connect to Singapore App Store , type in “GroupMe” in search and I can only see Beluga appear.

It seem like GroupMe is not pushing to out of US App Store, but their competitor Beluga is already taking the first step and using “GroupMe” as keyword for their app. I would say this is a smart move and is just like the keyword competition in the web , where the competitor always buy each other brand name and serve up their own ads.

A good lesson for me before step in the mobile apps industry.

P/s I just realize Facebook acquired Beluga some time ago.

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