5 iPod Touch Games with interesting lite version

I always show my support to games that provide lite version in app store , in fact this should apply to most of the apps. Apps developer might think that since the apps is so cheap, why bother to waste the effort to create/strip down a lite version ? this explain why there are so little lite version apps/games appear in the app store.

Why i think these 5 games looks promising ? because they actually provide lite version for user to download , after i play with lite version , i do think these games is quite worth it.

1. Tower Bloxx Deluxe


a special game that need you to stack the tower , other then the simple stacking action , it seem like there are strategy planning part which need you to plan where to put your building.

Price : $2.99 | iTune linkiTune link for Lite version | Youtube Video

2. Cooking Mama


a famous cooking game that appear on different paltform, this is not a blindly port over version, it actually make use of ipod touch feature to perform different action of cooking.

Price : $6.99 | iTune linkiTune link for Lite version | Youtube Video

3. Wild West Gun


a westen theme base gun shooting  game, remind me of virtual cop, just need to becareful don’t poke through your ipod touch/iphone

Price : $1.99 | iTune link iTune link for Lite version | Youtube Video

4. Super Market Mania


a super market theme game that remind me of dinner dash series flash game ,  the weekend stage reflect the lots of people going to super market in the noon time and how you going to handle it.

Price : $3.99 | iTune linkiTune link for Lite version | Youtube Video

5. Air port Mania


the action part similar to super market mania, but this game allow you to manage your airport, planning and upgrade the equipments of your air port.

Price : $0.99 | iTune linkiTune link for Lite version | Youtube Video

these are the 5 lite version game that in my ipod touch , i haven’t decide which one to get but i think all these game are worth the value, the only one that i feel is a bit pricy will be the cooking mama, anyway is not easy to learn cooking , you pay a price for it.

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