Facebook username landrush today

This is an unusual saturday because most of the “web-active” user will be stay at home to wait for facebook username feature turn on. Once it on everyone will just grab their preferable username because it will be http://facebook.com/username, which mean something represent you on the facebook.

I wait for the facebook username page count down timer to reach 0 , counting down with mashable on tinychat,  it is 12pm afternoon at singapore.


Continue and start grab your username !


i m thinking to get “knight” but it seem like is a reserve word, so i settle on “imknight” , yup you can visit me on http://facebook.com/imknight . It seem facebook have disable some of the feature to handle this land rush , the highlight section on the right seem like hidden during this period, other then this i can feel the update is slightly slower, even my own update take some time to show on my home page, but it show on my profile page immediately.

check out the twitter you can see lots of funny username appear and the problogger saga happen for the problogger username. If you haven’t grab your username , do it now ?

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