Twitter is @Anywhere now

Twitter just announce the new @Anywhere platform last week , follow by this is the launching of their developer portal , finally an official dev portal to replace the twitter api wiki. After browsing around the new developer portal ,i find this is really a great place for twitter developer, what include for this portal are the API documentation , API status dashboard , API testing console and Application management, this should give developer a better control for their application development.

So what is this new @Anywhere platform ?

It seem like Facebook connect to me, which empower your website with some of the Facebook feature after adding few line of JavaScript. @Anywhere  allow you to integrate some of the Twitter feature after you added Twitter’s JavaScript .Once you include their JavaScript, you can turn on these Twitter feature on your site.

  • Auto-linkification of Twitter usernames
  • Hovercards
  • Follow buttons
  • Tweet Box
  • User login & signup

If you prefer to see a live example, Google release Google Follow Finder which power by @Anywhere.After you submitted your Twitter username, the system will return you two group of user:

  • Tweeps you might like – this is just like the recommendation engine on amazon, people who bought this book also bought that book, so we recommend that book to you style.
  • Tweeps with similar followers – these are Twitter user which have similar follower list to you.

Each Twitter user will be render nicely like the image above, by clicking on the follow button, you can immediately follow the user, that’s the power of @Anywhere.I believe that we should be able to see more interesting application release soon.

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