Cross posting twitter and plurk – Feedtweeter

I think twitter is still one of the first chocie when it come to micro blogging , but mashable don’t recommend twitter as micr blogging tools , maybe we should call it as messager service. On the other hand due to massive down time of twitter , quite a lot of support move over to new service – plurk.

So we are struggle in between, remind me the old day when ICQ is hot , but MSN is the new comer , we are not sure which will be THE ONE , we create account on both service and we using both, this is the same case , we can’t confirm will twitter continue be the first chocie or maybe tomorrow plurk is the only choice, thats why a lot of people actually using both.

So this lead to problem, do you post the same thing on both ? or you different message on each ? i find out that i always post the same thing on both and i need to copy and paste it , but one service that save me from all these problem – feedtweeter

It will auto post whatever you post on plurk , to your twitter account . it can auto post what ever your post on your twitter to your plurk too and this is what it claim

Don’t worry: Feedtweeter won’t create and endless feedback loop when posting to both Twitter and Plurk.

Currently i m using this and it work great for me, i just post what ever i want to say on plurk and it will sync to my twitter account , best part its support the new open source micro blogging , you are both service user ? you might need it – feedtweeter


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