WordPress Extend the Theme

Recently due to redesign my blog theme, i almost visit wordpress site daily for the plugins area , even i found some plugin through Google, i will try to search it in the plugins area , so that for future upgrade , i can just make use the wordpress backend one button upgrade.

One question that pop up when i visit the plugins area, why is it there are no similiar extend area for theme ? if there is extend theme area that having same feature like plugins area, the user can get notification once the theme release the new version.

The news is here when i think about this issue and under the extend i saw the theme directory , related to this an idea pop in my mind, can the theme directory work in the direction that make use of the 2.6 feature – Post Revision , where you can compare the new version theme and your current use theme different ? so in future once you get notify your current theme is release new version, you check the diff apply it to the new theme and use it.

wah ! that will be super easy for theme upgrade, currently working on theme upgrade is really troublesome. Anyway welcome the new theme directory and i wonder will there be a premium theme directory soon ?


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