It’s V9 part 2

I blog about the the new theme i use for this blog last week and i did some modification to make it suit my own need, but after a few day thematic release a new version 0.5. This actually make me think about the child theme theory for thematic theme which is a good way to avoid mess up the theme every time it release upgrade.

So i just follow the step by step setup my own theme which is a child theme from thematic and trying to make my life easier if thematic release any new update next time. The only 1 thing that i still need to hardcode is the ads placement,currently if i using widget to place my ads , it doesn’t really give the feel “embeded the ads into content”,  if only all the widget in thematic is allow to customize css ( i think it can be done but i got no time to dig around ) so that i put those ads in the widget and forget about it .

I found one of the little bug where when you have unorder list with some content on a page , it looks wierd because of some css issue, so i post it as a bug in the forum and Ian Steward reply me with a solution and put that into trunk version, kudos to Ian for his support.

Lastly i added some of the social thing at the bottom of blog, reflect my personal interest, i been trying to add jaiku feed but it seem like having some problem. Anyway welcome imknight dot net version 9 !

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