Blog Direction

Clearing my mind now and trying to fix some direction on my blog ..

  • Free As In Beer will be my work/technical blog
  • i been change Free As In Beer many time in different way, lets hope that this will be the last change
  • It will make use of drupal and make it all in one blog + cms
  • Getspot will be continue on the web2.0 road
  • this blog will be my main base … quite a mix content blog
  • as you can see , i m trying on photo blog , thinking to subscribe a flickr pro account
  • for my future dev work , detail will be in Free As In Beer , this blog will only be a publish platform
  • for tech wise topic seem a bit hard to decide … try to put more detail one in faib and share some interesting tech topic here

this is more like a reminder to myself , to avoid lost in the blogging direction

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