WordPress Plugin Clean Out

So as i mention last week during my blog upgrade , i clean out some of the plugin

  • my own ak-bookmark and ak-subscribe removed , replace by Sociable , a plugin that allow to bookmark or submit your post to different web service
  • upgrade related entries plugin to latest 2.02 , now added option page to configure this plugin
  • Remove Statraq which take out about 70MB of mysql database, replace by wp-slimstat for tracking my blog performance
  • Since i want to start photo blogging by make use of flickr , so i install Flickr Photo Album for WordPress , this plugin pulling the photo from your flickr account and let you post through the write post page
  • added Popularity Contest for tracking what popular content on my blog and display them
  • i been using statcounter for sometime , thats why statcounter plugin added too
  • Tring hard to fight spam , getting Akismet to work with Spam Karma , it seem effective.
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  • You have to clean out your Stattraq database every once in a while, give it a clean fresh start. Any other stat plugins do the same thing in the long run, they collect data and you’ll have to clean it out anyway. I use Stattraq primarily because it’s a dependency for another plugin – Boakes Most Wanted Posts. Keeps it pretty much accurate and straight to the point.

    Use Akismet and Bad Behavior 2 Beta 1 and above, Spam Karma is good but if your blog has a high tendency to get spam, it increases the chances of SK2 giving you a false positive. Akismet does a better job since it uses the same positive/negative filtering system as SK2 and Bad Behavior makes sure the bots never come in the first place.

    The rest of the plugins that run my blog can be found here if you want to take a look at it. 🙂

    • camu

      True, but my plugin (SlimStat) uses a “self cleaning” technology, so that you don’t have to do that manually. Plus, I compared the way SlimStat stores the information about each visit with StatTraq, and the latter has a much more inefficient way, which takes more space. SlimStat requires just 1.4 megabytes of DB space to store 10,000 hits 🙂 Thank you for using it on this blog!

      • haha Camu, this was like 4 years ago : ) , anyway thanks for the comment

  • Knight

    lol thx for the suggestion ShaolinTiger, althought i using sk2 + akismet , still got some spam go thru ..

    Edrei : thx for sharing

  • I’m saddened to see that you decided to discontinue ak-subscribe … I preferred it over Sociable. 😛

  • Knight

    Thanks it is quite encourage to see comment like this, but unfortunely i m tie by too many thing and i have too little time