Did WordPress check submitted plugin ? part 2

My original post is more like upset that why wordpress doesn’t QC the plugin that hosted on wordpress extend. After i read about the plugin author comment and the discussion on wordpress forum , i think i got more to say.

  • Is it “wrong” to have a link back to the author? It asks for nothing and costs nothingIt is nothing wrong to link back to author, but provided the user know about it and don’t mind to link back.
  • I don;t understand the point you are trying to make – this markup can’t be affecting your site; it’s hidden you are wrong,visibility: hidden will still affect the layout, visibility:none is the one won’t affect
  • it was another plug-in that I used a while back which gave me the idea, as it did exactly the same thing – you can’t beat them , that’s why you join them ?
  • You can always choose not to use the plug-in – that’s your choice – this has been answer in the forum, unless someone know how to read the code , people don’t really know what you did in these code
  • after all the main issue is not putting a link back as credit, is you try to hidden it.

It is sad to see people that contribute to open source and have thinking like this, yeah yeah you have did bla bla bla and bla bla bla but this doesn’t give you the authority to do this, you might be able to do that if you are selling a commercial software i guess. Thanks for Donncha O Caoimh for report it to the support forum.

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