My First WordCamp Experience

I just have my first WordCamp @ KL on saturday, it is a wonderful experience , some of the topic might be too simple for me ( child frame work) , some topic might be really bore (m$  m$ and m$) and some of the topic are really geek ( plugin development). Other than these interesting topics,  I manage to chat with a few persons too and finally  meet up with @hongkiat.

I believe I have completed my check list for this WordCamp.

I always feel like attend this type of geeks meet up , since I don’t really have much of real life friend that can talk about all these geek things, but most of the time I will just give up before the actual day. On one side I m a anti-social guy, on the other side I scare of attends meet up like this alone. I’m glad that this WordCamp turn out to a good experience, can’t wait for next geeks meet up, I heard that there might be WordCamp Asia @ Singapore , let’s hope it really happen.

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