VPS Bible is great for VPS newbie

VPS Bible is really a good guide for all the VPS newbie. I just complete setup my Linode box , thanks for the VPS Bible latest stackscripts release , it only take me 1~2 hour to complete reinstall and reconfigure my blogs, the best part is it seem like resolved my Linode box memory issues, which might be causing by the previous Linode stackscripts.

I m highly recommend VPS Bible to all the VPS noob/VPS beginner , What you can getting from this membership ?

  • the step by step articles is great to learn all the basic of setup a VPS
  • the latest release stackscripts will do most of the jobs by itself
  • useful and current information ,example like  comparison between different FCGI and release of stackscripts that setup a Linode box on Lucid 10.04 , Lucid is only release some time ago.

I have learned a lot from VPS Bible’s Articles , now I can even change the WordPress Stack to suit my need. For just $15 a year , I would say this is really a great deal.

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