Linode Cloud Asia-Pacific Launch !

I m a big fan of Linode , the only things I really dislike is they don’t have any asia dc, the nearest to Asia will be the Fremont DC , which still about 200+ms far away.

I been struggle on hosting recently , I need to some hosting which is low ping to me and cater for Singapore and Malaysia user, but I can’t really find any suitable host here, most of the host are full with useless feature for developer, the only choice I have is to leverage on Singapore Amazon AWS , but the funny thing is different ISP from Malaysia getting very different ping result for Singapore AWS.

Recently VPS.Net release the beta test of their JP DC, it’s quite smooth for ping test result but I don’t really like their interface , maybe I been pamper by Linode interface already or their ease of use features, I just find that don’t really cut in for my need. I was thinking if only Linode have DC in Asia, so I fire a support ticket and ask and it seem like the Support just keep their mouth shut on this new release !

You might asking what so good about Linode ? Imagine for my case , I already have an US Linode running, added with this new JP Linode, I can ..

  • Bandwidth Pooling – share the Outgoing between my US and JP Linode , since incoming traffic has become free. My US Linode might be using some of the bandwidth only but my JP Linode can have bigger share of traffic without extra cost.
  • Internal Transfer is Free – transfer data between different instance of Linodes is not calculated as bandwidth usage.

If you want to give Linode a try , please use my referral code , this will give me a bit of token to fund my project. Don’t forget Linode billing is daily based , you can remove it any time to get back the credit of unused time , but if you want to refund there is a $5.00 refund processing fee.

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