Another Tough Choice

For the past few day , i been keep consider about this.

I just find out my prev host currently provide some good VPS service, ya i m thinking to moving my hosting back to sg .. , but for sure this going to give my current client some downtime, thats why this time i really need to think it carefully after so many move.

why i move from Xssist ( LWC ) to ASmallOrange ( ASO )

  • Support Issue – LWC is slightly slower on support issue, while ASO is famous for their support
  • SSH Access – this is a common problem on reseller account, as i use to it do everything on ssh, i need to apply individual ssh access for each of my client to solve their issue, troublesome but no choice. With ASO most of the time i can get my ssh access enable in less then 1 hour , with LWC some time is more then 6 hour
  • Bandwidth Issue – paying about the same amount but i getting bigger bandwidth on ASO, singapore bandwidth is more expensive compare to US, which i don’t deny

Why i thinking to move from ASO to LWC now

  • its VPS offer compare to reseller account
  • Connection Performance Issue – some of my client complain about this issue, even myself some time also feel that access my own site take some time ..
  • SSH Access – by having VPS i can have one main ssh login to access all my client
  • Bandwidth Issue – althought trial VPS giving not really that much of bandwidth, but if i upgrade to premium VPS, i will getting a lot lot more bandwidth – this related to will i getting enough fund (customer ) to support this or not
  • Cost Issue – its not easy to get VPS on this low price ( slightly higher then what i paying now ), because it giving a trial and premium offer, where you can have trial vps ( lower price ) for 6 month to build up your biz , then convert to premium vps with better feature ( higher price )
  • Support Issue – this is still one of the main problem, but if paying more to get manage service which should be able to solve this again this will be related to will i getting enough fund or not
  • Customer Issue – most of my client is at msia and sg, getting a US host seem like a wrong choice ..

p/s today seem like able to get more customer .. hhhhmmmm …

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