Easily setup LEMP on Linode

I just complete setup LEMP (Linux, nginx (engine-x), MySQL, PHP) on my Linode box, which is totally different with the traditional LAMP ( Linux , Apache , MySQL,  PHP) setup, if you never heard about nginx , i would recommend you this post from pingdom (a famous website monitoring service’s blog) to understand the buzz around on nginx.

How to easily setup LEMP on Linode? I just make use of Linode’s StackScripts feature

  1. Select the Deploying using StackScripts links when you deploy your new Linode, select LEMP StackScripts and filling some of the fields, it will auto deploy your VPS.
  2. Once the VPS deployment done, the StackScripts will start running , it should take about 20~30 min , just wait for your VPS displaying nginx welcome message means the setup is done.
  3. You will find that the nginx init script seem like broken, you can’t really issue restart or stop command, just follow this article to create a new nginx init script .
  4. One important thing to take note is the path for Daemon, it shall be DAEMON=/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx
  5. The final step is changing of socket by following this article.
  6. Don’t forget to change the date time in your /usr/local/lib/php/php.ini to avoid date time error in your php log.

Some reference , there are different way to setup PHP with nginx

Base on my research it seem like  PHP-FPM is winning in term of performance and it will be integrate into PHP core, that’s why it should be the first choice if you try to setup a LEMP box , but since you need to manually compile PHP, it will be quite troublesome to do upgrade.

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