Quote Robot create your proposals and quotes easily

Quote Robot is one of the great web application for freelancer and web worker and it just launch today.Understand from the about page , the whole idea start from a Sample of web design contract which become popular download.

The are 3 tabs in Quote Robot only.

  • Dashboard – include all your quotes and quotes creation process.
  • Clients – which all you to configure each client information.
  • Settings – Setup your company information and the wording on the quotes.

The quotes create process is just drag and drop. Current there are 4 part which allow you to configure in the quotes, this include dedicated info for time line planning and budget estimation, which is very straight forward and easy to use.

some drawback of Quote Robot like hour rate is fixed, you can’t adjust different rate for different job and there are payment on time line which seem like don’t have any connection to the quotes page, I believe there should be lots of improvement coming soon.

One thing I notice which is the free plan is include just 1 quote , maybe it should include more to go for freemium model.

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