Gomeasure with Google Analytics

I just went to a Google event yesterday , it’s a bit weird to went there as a freelance developer , is not like the old day where I have to responsible for analysis the site but I guess I m still pretty much interested on site analytics and would like to find out more about the new Google Analytics.

So I learn about the new Google Analytics v5 , which I been using since the beta release , there are a few interesting features, just list down some of important things in the event.

  • Tracking campaign variable – allow you to keep track of different source with different tagging, I use similar setup before on Omniture.
  • Mobile Measurement – there is this new section on Overview which allow you to understand more about the mobile visitor on your site
  • Social Measurement –  I thought this will be auto too but it seem like only Google + is auto , the rest of social apps need some JavaScript call to trigger, but in a way you can customize and tag all the social actions on your site.
  • Google Insight Search and Google Ad planner can let you understand more about what user searching for and what you can focus on to get more visitor.
  • Using Google Site Optimizer to do A/B testing.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels is really cool that you can find out all the pre action before the last click.
  • Page speed has been highlight and the faster your site the better conversion rate you will be getting.

That’s pretty much info I m getting through this event , there are a few thing I would like to experiment on this blog, but one idea actually strike through during the event , what If I build a landing page services that make use of these Google Products ? will it be able to sell ?

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