Freelancer Report August

Since my July Report is a bit late , I feel that August seem like ended too fast , even before I enjoy it , I already step in September.Since my brother getting married end of this month , most likely end of Sep and starting of Oct will be busy too.

I been spending lots of times to get use to the new environment , travel life style and mobile working. Setup a new home office is not easy, my study room doesn’t working well due to the heat, now planning to move to small living hall at second floor as my new home office. I been travel between Singapore and JB twice per week and some time is kind of rush in the morning and feeling a bit tired when coming back in the evening.When I in Singapore, I need to find a place to work, most of the time can’t really get a seat with power socket. But so far I like the changes and really glad that my decision for coming back.

Income – after a great income last month , it’s only $600 this month, this is due to I been spending time to get use to new place without any work but I have completed some work end of Aug, the next month income will be better.

Project –  Herbr2.0 is already live , finally migrated this old system over to use fuelcms, build a flash news module which I share it on my Github account, there are a few more module which I would like to build on fuelcms, hopefully I have time to kick-start this month.

Learn – due to one of the freelance project, I was digging into the WordPress documentation a lot this month, but still haven’t kick-start the mobile project.

Startup – meet up with my old pal and plan for some work and I m getting some more web resources during some promo, hopefully one of the project will be kick-start this month.

a simple and boring month, but should have more thing on the coming month, hopefully the next month report will be more interesting.

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