Laracon though Twitter & Live Blogging

Last night was the first day of Laracon and while I typing this post the second day is running now. It’s such a unique experience to read the live blogging for a conference.

So far I did getting my 15 minute of frame through one of my tweets and it appears in the live blogging.


I didn’t stay through the whole conference , since I m in the asia time zone and really tired for my newborn baby, but before I knock off I did suddenly think about is Taylor going to release PHP Cloud while the AWS guy is talking about using AWS with Laravel, but I think is weird if he going to release a cloud platform , why would AWS and some other cloud hosting still sponsor the event ?


little did I know at the later part Taylor really release something related to cloud, not the PHP or Laravel cloud, but a layer between the application and the VPS hosting – Laravel Forge , which explain why are all these company sponsor the event. So far i looking forward to using Forge but too bad it is not open source or else I might be able to use it to manage WordPress Cloud too ?

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